Important Information

Please note that Church regulations do not allow Memorials with a highly polished finish. Memorials with a honed or eggshell finish are however allowed. Most designs shown here can be produced in either a honed finish for Churchyards, or a highly polished finish for cemeteries, where such rules do not usually apply. If in doubt please contact us by phoning 01603-626786 or by e-mail and we will be happy to both advice and help.

All of our prices include VAT, erection of the Memorial and 80 letters to the inscription and are for full size memorials except where stated otherwise. They do not however, include Cemetery or Church fees which vary according to location.

All applications to the relevant authorities for the erection of Memorials are taken care of by us for you and is part of our personal caring service.

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Additional Inscriptions

If you require an additional inscription to be added to a memorial, please telephone us on 01603 626786 or alternatively e-mail us with the location of the memorial and the inscription you wish to be added, and we will be pleased to provide you with a free quote.

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Memorial Renovations

With time, some older Memorials (particularly white marble for instance) do require some attention. Normally we can restore these to quite a pristine condition and repaint the lettering etc. Please telephone us on 01603 626786 or e-mail us with the name on memorial and location for a free quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do I have to wait before I can have a Memorial erected after a burial?

A. Usually about six months after an internment to allow for the soil to resettle in place, although this does not apply for cremated remains.

Q. My loved one had a special interest; can you incorporate something to commemorate this in the design?

A. Yes, we frequently incorporate anything from sports club badges, motor cycles, cars etc. to a particularly favourite family pet into a design.

Q. I like the design on one memorial but not the shape of the top, can this be changed?

A. Yes, all designs and shapes are, in the vast majority of cases interchangeable.

Q. The inscription we like comes to more than 80 letters?

A. The inscription can be of any length, but there is a charge per letter for each letter over the 80 letters which is included in the price.

Q. The design we have seen only has one flower container, can we add more?

A. Yes, although this would make a very small increase to the price.